Welcome to the Don’t Starve Together(DST) game page!

Here you can find information relating to the servers we host with DST including relevant DLCs and server types.

Don’t Starve Together is the massive multiplayer world based on the original single player game Don’t Starve. With DST you can play with your friends, build a base, and most importantly, Don’t Starve! Find out what awaits you on the oceans in shipwrecked, what awaits you hidden in the world of Hamlet or fighting against the seasonal reign of giants! All of this is available on our dedicated servers.

Join our Discord to find relevant #channels related to you and DST, or find other players to join you on your conquest! If you have any issues, concerns or suggestions, feel free to let a mod know, we respond best to messages within our discord.

Servers Offered with Details

Don’t Starve Together

Reign of Giants