Welcome to the ARK: Survival Evolved game page!

Here you can find information relating to the servers we host with ARK, including relevant DLCs and server types.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a massive survival game on an island filled with dinosaurs, bugs, dungeons and much more. Fight, kill, survive, and battle your way to victory. You can play on our PvP servers to compete, conquer and destroy opposing clans or play on our PvE servers without fear to build your base and tame to your hearts content. Travel beneath the water to tame creatures, fight through dungeons, or build the ideal base, it’s up to you!

Join our Discord to find relevant #channels related to you and ARK, or find other players to join you on your conquest. If you have any issues, concerns or suggestions, feel free to let a mod know, we respond best to messages within our discord.

Servers Offered with Details

ARK: Survival Evolved PvP Server

5x everything

ARK: Survival Evolved PvE Server

5x everything