Welcome to the Information page

Scape Gaming is a private game server community that is ran behind closed doors for your entertainment and safety. Our knowledgeable Staff and Moderators are available for various potential problems that may arise and are properly equipped to resolve issues promptly. We sincerely hope you enjoy your valuable time with us and look forward to seeing you

We support and contribute to multiple games and their communities below is a list of communities we have contributed or supported.

WowScape/Scape Gaming is a proud supporter and contributor of AzerothCore. For some time now we have been using their software and encourage all developers of any Knowledge and skill to join the community to assist and help with testing, bug reporting, and more. Together, with every ones ability we can promptly bring a quicker outcome and a better experience for all players.

WowScape/Scape Gaming is a proud supporter of Spigot MC.